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Children's Cake and Cupcake

Decorating Parties!

A great and novel idea for your budding pastry chef.

Each child decorates 1/2 dozen cupcakes or a small cake to take home as well as a cupcake to enjoy at the party.

Choose flavors, icing and toppings - even a theme if you like!

Each child decorates a chef hat and an apron or a

t-shirt and takes them home as a favor. Birthday child picks the color!

There is a 10 child minimum.

I am so pleased and excited to announce that Sweet Princesses now lets you design your own  sweet experience for you, your family and your friends.

 Its the newest idea! If you can imagine a party, then I can create a theme for it.

 Start with a naked cupcake, choose your icing, and go crazy with toppings! Guests build their own cupcake on the spot at your event. Full set up, unique labeling  and dismantle is included. . 

A custom menu will be framed and displayed on the Cupcake Bar table so that guests will know what options are available.

How about a small cocktail or wine tasting party? Have a mini cupcake bar with gourmet flavors such as mojito, margarita, cannoli - the list goes on. A Sweet Sixteen coming up?! Your beauty and her friends will love to sample their own tasty masterpieces. I offer a number of flavor combinations. I can also help you create your own signature cupcake to be featured at your party.